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Sean O'Toole--Candidate for State Auditor
Rick Vandeven--Candidate for US Congress 8th
Greg Tlapek--Candidate for State Rep 147th


Previous candidates for US Congress representing this part of Missouri have been:

Greg Tlapek 1994, 1996, and a special election 1994
John Hendricks 1998, 2000
Eric VanOostrom 2002
Stan Cuff 2004
Branden McCullough 2006, 2008
Rick Vandeven 2010, 2012
Bill Slantz 2013 special election

Until redistricting following the 2010 census, the 158th district encompassed the city of Cape Girardeau.
The city of Cape Girardeau is now the 147th district.
Previous candidates for state representative when it was the 158th district were:

David Rosener - 1998
C. Darby Ulery - 2002
George H. Webster III 2006
Steve Kinder special election 2008
Robert Bob Roland - 2008, 2010

The 157th district encompassed the city of Jackson and some surrounding area.
Tim Doubledee--2002

Steve Kinder Seeks State House Seat--2008

By: Greg Tlapek

(Cape Girardeau County, MO) Steve Kinder is our candidate for State Representative, district 158, in the special election to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of the incumbent. Steve is a pharmacist and he and his wife, Mary, are chair and vice chair of the Cape Girardeau County Libertarian Party.

The special election will take place concurrent with the presidential preference primary to be held February 5, 2008. All voters in the 158th state representative district, which basically encompasses the city of Cape Girardeau, will have the opportunity to vote for Steve regardless of which party's presidential preference ballot they choose.

Steve does us an honor by seeking the position, replacing Tres Webster who was to be our candidate. Tres was our candidate for the office of state representative, district 158, in 2006. A change in his work schedule made it impossible for him to pursue the office.

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